Flint Says Farewell to a Good Friend

Promice Mosely, Project Assistant at the Neighborhood Engagement Hub, is off on her next great adventure. She has decided to return home to Ghana after spending the last few years helping make Flint a better place for her citizens. Her contributions, spirit and infectious personality and smile will be sorely missed. Here are some accolades by some of her many Flint friends. Good luck, good life, Promice. You will be sorely missed!

“It is a joy to know you, and to have worked with you. Your memory and quick recall of people places and things has amazed me on many occasions. May your trip bring you many blessings. – Pam Folts

Your name fits your personality,  I love it! You are so professional and I love your  smile. And I want the world to know you are always helpful and always  listened very well. I wish you happiness And success in all new adventures Keep in touch…we would share pictures. – Ommie Ruffin

Promice, Promice! You can’t go! We won’t be able to find stuff! We won’t catch our math errors on reports! We will miss your smile and calm management of the many different points of view and skills and ideas.  Thank you for being you and for your gifts of yourself to all of us. Best wishes for your future. – Jane Richardson

Best wishes in your travels as you soar to new heights. The absence of your dependability and support will no doubt leave a stain on the organization as equally as the absence of your beautiful smile greeting us daily. Cheers to happiness, prosperity and good health in all your boundless endeavors. – Holly Wilson

Hey, Promice, I am happy to hear of you returning home, but I am sad to see you go. You have been a great asset to the community of Flint especially with The North Flint Neighborhood Action Council (NAC) and Sharp Manor. Thank you for all you have done to make our jobs easier. Please keep in contact and let me know how you are doing. God bless you and safe travels. – Geri Clark

Promice Mosley, this Community is not losing you, you are just expanding it. Every time I came in you were always courteous, kind, and quite willing to assist. When we had our event everything that could go wrong did but you were still sweet. Thank you! Remember us until we can visit you in the Motherland. Blessings!  – Joyce Cade-Hitchye

Dear Promice, as sad as I am to see you go, I wish you nothing but the best in your new journey. You are an incredibly gifted and amazing individual and throughout the short time I’ve known you I have seen you grow tremendously with your talents. I hope we continue to keep in touch and would like to hangout whenever you’re in town. Stay strong, stay in good faith, and know your worth. You have a great life ahead of you. I will miss you lots! – Best wishes, Michelle Kachelski

Dear Promice, Thanks for all of your work with FNU. We are all greatly appreciative of your support. Best wishes for safe travels back home and your future endeavor. Regards, Tammy Beckett-Reese, PhD, Flint Resident

Promice, Thank you so much for all of your dedication to the community of Flint. You were a joy to work with. Your smile was contagious and the energy you brought to everything you do was so appreciated! Much love and blessings! Save us a guest room in Ghana. – Theresa Roach

I remember how she helped me with the copy machine, directing me step by step to enlarge my copies! I really was looking forward getting to know her more. She was very helpful with the small things too! – Gonna miss ya! Mrs. Connie 🥺

Wow! I am saddened to hear this… yes, of course. I hope I can remain in touch with her as she returns to her home. – Raynetta Speed

Promice Moseley, Neighborhood Engagement Hub’s right hand, and the Taming Traffic Taskforce’s link to success, will be missed tremendously!  Our taskforce would not be where we are today, without your expertise, encouragement and help writing the grant the started our ball rolling and traffic calming! Words are not enough to convey our thanks for your patience, kindness and willingness to help us write this important start-up grant which secured a radar-sign and other necessary items for our group to make a difference in Flint. You will be missed, but your work continues to live on here as we are reaping benefits from your presence with us!  We know Ghana will also benefit from your work ethic and caring spirit! – Kate Cole

Dear Promice, as we learn about your decision to return to Ghana, everyone’s first words begin with “I’ll miss her so much! And then folks speak of how important your smile has been in all of the times folks came in the door, asked a question, needed to talk or have a letter “fixed”.  We talked about the long time this year without any routine contacts, missing one another,  and how much time we had missed with you. The folks in King Avenue PLUS wish you happiness and success in all of your new ventures. Your hand, your thoughts, and your support have been in so much of the work on the King Avenue Corridor so a few of the pictures show the evolving Peace Garden from hundreds of plants coming to empty space to a  beautiful garden for both the community and those passing through. Story hours and pulling weeds, quiet beauty to questions on balancing line items in grants, copying machines and rakes, storing odd things in NEH’s spaces, answering questions, and smiling., The pop-up Corridor with half the world here. Volunteer groups working on the corridor and clean-ups and parades.  You were always behind the scenes with your calm and organized presence that  was a part of this community.  We thank you!  We wanted to send a little bit of us with you so we have added a few  pictures of the many activities that your work has facilitated. – King Avenue PLUS Neighborhood Organization.

It has taken me a week to sit down and write this. Partially because in a COVID world I am working from home and desperately trying to be productive while working and chasing around a toddler – but mostly because I was avoiding it. I have run circles in my mind trying to come up with just the right words to express how ecstatically happy I am for Promice’s next chapter and how deeply sad I am to see her leave. Promice is such an integral part of the NEH family. Having been at NEH longer than I have, I have learned far more from her than I can say. She has been my sounding board and, at times, my advisor – through both professional and personal moments of reflection and change. I often joke that when he was first born my son knew Promice’s voice better than my husband’s because Promice and I shared an office while I was pregnant with him. Promice always had a way of surprising me and challenging my expectations  – whether it was the elaborate ruse she orchestrated when planning a surprise baby shower for me, getting covered in mud at the finish line of the Warrior Dash (being the clean freak she is) or singing Disney movie tunes while cleaning up the office with a group of volunteers – but her choice to move to Ghana did not come as a surprise. While I wasn’t anticipating that she would leave us so soon – I always knew that Promice wanted to return to Ghana and begin a new adventure. Promice, I know I speak for all of us at NEH when I say that we will miss you very much but we are so happy for you. You will always be a part of the NEH family and we send with you our prayers, our love and our good vibes. – Ashley Everhart

I do not know Promice except for her reported good deeds.  I do know Ghana as I’ve traveled there twice.  Its people are friendly, the children are beautiful, and the history is riveting.  I don’t blame her for wanting to return.  It’s the “promiced land.” – Harold Ford, East Village Magazine

I’ve had an opportunity to get acquainted with Promice over the last couple of years and found her to be absolutely delightful & multi-talented. She lent her skills to our grants and helped us plan & execute events. Promice was kind enough to attend a few of our projects and didn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty. She is always cheerful, has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone.  Her optimism and encouragement for improving our community has been refreshing.  Promice has been a friend to all of us and she will be sorely missed.  I wish her good fortune when she arrives in Ghana and hope to see her again. – Edna Sabucco

My feelings are quite similar to those already expressed. I have spent a great deal of time over the past few years at NEH and Promice has never ceased to amaze me at her work ethic, abilities, and willingness to learn and try new things (as some of these photos attest). Promice is willing to try almost anything! Beyond that I find Promice be a spectacularly beautiful human being in every way that is possible. Bright, caring, ambitious, generous, daring, if there’s a platitude to be given, Promice is deserving of it. She is just a joy to be around and I will miss her terribly.  I will miss her smile and, as a follically challenged person, I am intrigued by her many varied hairstyles. I wish that your burdens are always blessings and your disappointments are light.  Safe travels, Promice, until we meet again. – Chris Frye

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