The Power of “Positude”

Halloween was barely over before the Christmas campaign started.

Life with Covid-19 has become an up hill battle, forcing us to rethink how we live day to day.

Celebrations are complex, so difficult that people are canceling big family gatherings for fear of hosting a “super spreader” event.

There are clever ways to “come home” for the holidays. Where there is a will, love always finds a way.

Positude encourages us to think outside the boundaries of tradition.

Gratitude empowers us by helping us to see the good things in the midst of the bad. There are lots of single people living in solitude for many reasons.

For those that have healthy Covid-free households, consider sharing your holiday feast with a few singles by dropping off meals at their door.

Hopetude is stronger than Feartude and a Lightude extinguishes a Darktude.

Christmas and Hanukkah both celebrate life and light. Random acts of kindness remind us why we are still in existence.

To love and be loved is why we are here. May your Lovetude shine bright like the sun! 

Be well my beloved friends.

Always Agape,

Sylvia PittmanElder Sylvia Pittman holds a B.M. Degree (education) from Northern Michigan University: A M.M. Degree (performance) from the University of Michigan. Sylvia has over 18 years experience teaching private voice, public schools and directing choirs. She performs vocal styles from jazz to opera, works as a vocal coach for recording artists and is greatly sought as a studio musician. Sylvia is Music Director at Asbury Church, Davison Road, Flint.

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