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by | Feb 1, 2021 | February 2021, Positive Messages

Kia, I find myself getting depressed over the state of our nation. It seems like evil and criminal people are getting away with their crimes, and even people who say they are Christians are following leaders who are clearly corrupt and hateful.  I don’t want to return hate for hate, but I’m finding it hard to love such hateful people.  What do you suggest I do to keep from feeling so down and helpless?

A. Know that you are not alone, and that God knows your struggle. I suggest you go to the Concordance in your Bible and focus on the scriptures regarding PEACE.  God assures us that no matter what is going on in the world, He will keep you in perfect peace.  We need only focus on Him rather that what is going on around us.  I realize that is difficult to do, but I also know that if we ask God to help us do that, He will.   One of my favorite and most strengthening scriptures assuring me of peace amid chaos is John 16:33. I pray you will be strengthened as well.

I am so frustrated, Kia with people stealing from others. I, as well as some of my neighbors, have been the targets of thieves who have no conscience about taking things out of the yards of others.  What can we do short of standing in our windows 24/7 to catch these criminals and stop the madness?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to catch those whose primary goal in life appears to be taking advantage of others, in that their thievery is almost always when they’re fairly sure no one is watching. Many homeowners have resorted to installing cameras and alarm systems that alert them and their neighbors of criminal trespassing. It’s comforting to know however, that even though the thieves seem to be getting away with their crimes, they are not.  The ultimate price they will surely pay is answering to God.  I suggest that you hold fast to the comfort of accepting the things you cannot change and change the things you can.  A Neighborhood Watch Group is something you might consider discussing with your neighbors.

Kia what’s a good way to get rid of an annoying person who continues to pursue an unwanted relationship?

Consistency and firmness are most often effective in conveying messages to most people. In the case of those with whom that doesn’t work, I suggest you completely avoid all contact.  Should your consistent avoidance fail to get your message across, and you feel the least bit threatened, a Restraining Order may very well be your ultimate option.  

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