Numbers Tell the Story

Taming Traffic Task ForceIt’s a common adage, numbers tell the story.

Numbers are NOT biased or prejudiced, they just talk. And our radar sign, that was operating in covert mode when drivers passed by, was talking loudly to our data-collection cloud in the sky,  collecting our traffic data.

Here’s what it told us about traffic traveling southbound at 555 Dougherty Place, very close to Mott Park, during Feb. 22 through March 7th.

Only 20 % of the 492 average daily vehicles that travel southbound on this road, are compliant with the 25-mph speed limit. That means only 98 cars per day are in compliance with the speed limit of 25 mph. Looking at the chart below, 1 in 10 pedestrians, be they children, elderly, or other, have a one-in-ten risk of death if hit by a vehicle traveling at 20 or less mph.

But, look at how quickly the risk increases when hit by a vehicle traveling 30 mph which makes up 42 % of the traffic, or 206 vehicles everyday. Now your odds of surviving are 50/50!

Finally, the worst-case scenario, occurs 47 times per day on Dougherty Place, raising the death risk to 9 chances out of 10.  The number of vehicles traveling over 40 plus mph occurs mostly in daylight hours when children visit the park.

According to our stats, 9% of the traffic on this neighborhood street are well over 40 mph. We receive alerts from the traffic-cloud reporting speeds of 47, 51 and even 71 mph.

What should we do with these numbers?  We’re reporting them to people in our city and police departments who can enforce our existing laws. If you would like to help us tell the story, join our team, or place the radar sign in your neighborhood.

Join us the first Monday of each month for a virtual meeting. You can receive your meeting-login by request –just email us at:

Numbers Tell the Story

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