Community-Based Care of Land Bank Lots through Lease & Adoption Agreements

by | May 1, 2021 | City of Flint, May 2021

The Genesee County Land Bank is a governmental entity that receives properties from the Genesee County Treasurer after they have gone through the tax foreclosure process. The inventory today includes 13,189 properties in Flint alone, of which 9,439 are vacant lots.

It would cost more than $7 million annually to clean, mow and maintain all vacant properties in the City, including abandoned privately owned properties throughout the growing season.

In 2021, the Land Bank estimates it will invest about $2 million in property maintenance.  This is just enough to mow all vacant properties, including abandoned, privately held properties, at least once during the mowing season in addition to supporting community-based vacant property maintenance through the Clean & Green program.  Given limited funding for property maintenance and the growing inventory of vacant land, the Land Bank relies on residents to help with vacant lot maintenance.

One thing residents and businesses can do to improve neighborhoods through vacant property maintenance is lease or adopt a nearby vacant lot and keep it maintained.  Residents are maintaining more than 900 lots through such agreements.  Lease and adoption agreements enable resident to improve the appearance of properties in neighborhoods while also helping to address the many maintenance challenges that exist given the number of vacant and abandoned properties in Flint.

Residents apply to lease or adopt lots by filling out and submitting an application available at (

Community-Based Care of Land Bank Lots through Lease & Adoption AgreementsIf approved, the applicant enters into an agreement with a commitment to maintain the properties.

Non-structural improvements to the property related to lawn maintenance, gardening or landscaping – including gardens, mounded beds, compost, mulch, trees or plants – are permitted under the agreement. If you have questions about improvements, contact the Land Bank staff.

The agreements require that lessees maintain liability insurance or sign a release of liability form provided by the Land Bank. If you have homeowners or renter’s insurance, leased/adopted lots can often be added to the policy at no additional cost. Contact your insurance agent or an agent in the Flint area for details.

Community-Based Care of Land Bank Lots through Lease & Adoption AgreementsTo apply to lease/adopt a lot, go to

Email or call

(810) 257-3088 with any questions.

Click on this link for further information of what is

contained in the Lease/Adopt Agreement:

Already leasing a land bank lot?  As you plan for this spring and summer, take a moment to read the lease with your group. 

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