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by | Jun 1, 2021 | June 2021, Positive Messages

Q. Kia, I am so frustrated when I see people who refuse to wear a mask after all the warnings and advice of the doctors and professionals who are trying their best to stop the spread of the virus we’re facing. How can I not feel so angry and frustrated when I see them being so careless?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot control the behaviors of anyone other than ourselves.   We must accept the things we cannot change; change the things we can and pray for the wisdom to know the difference.  Make sure you are doing what you think, and feel is best, and distance yourself from those who are out of compliance with medical and professional advice.  Above all, pray for God’s Will to be done, and trust that He is in full control.

Q. Kia, why do you think people hate and are unable to see that we are all human beings with the same needs, and that nobody is any better than anyone else when it comes to what truly matters?

A. Hatred is a taught and learned behavior. It is not a natural nor inborn characteristic; but rather, it is one that we learn from those who nurture us from birth and throughout our developmental years. (Parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends, associates, etc.)  It is more likely than not that whatever we are taught by those on whom we depend on and trust, that we believe and respond accordingly.  When we are taught to hate something or someone, it becomes a part of our belief system until what we have been taught proves itself to be untrue. Let me share what I feel is a perfect example of this truth:  A person was taught to hate people of color from the time he was a toddler. He grew up thinking and feeling that people of color were inferior, and that he was better because of the color of his skin. In his early adulthood he became addicted to alcohol and drugs and was required to enter a treatment program where he found himself assigned to share a room with a person of color. He was initially angry and resistant; but very early in his treatment discovered that the only difference between him and his roommate was indeed the color of their skin.  He went on to complete his treatment with a new awareness that changed his belief system as well as the quality of his life. He also left the treatment program with a new and lifelong friend.

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