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by | Sep 1, 2021 | Positive Messages, September 2021

Q. It concerns me, Kia, that many of our young people today show very little, and sometimes even no, respect for their elders. Profanity is as natural to some of them as speaking. What can we do to change this phenomenon that our children are more respectful?

A. Unfortunately, many of our children today are not being taught at home. The morals and respect that were a natural part of children’s upbringing many decades ago. The profane language and inappropriate behaviors that are in many cases accepted by some parents today would have then been very close to a death sentence then. (Although not actual, but certain in the minds of children back then.) One avenue that could possibly be taken to make a difference in this dilemma would be to make parenting classes mandatory for those whose children display disrespectful and morally deviant behaviors in the schools. This would probably take what would be equivalent to an Act of Congress to enforce; but would be well worth the effort if instituted. I suggest you request a meeting with some of the community educators for a heartfelt discussion of your concern.

Q. Kia, I’d like to know what I can do about what I suspect to be child abuse in the house next door to me. I’m often awakened in the middle of the night by blood curdling cries of the children, and loud demands that they ‘shut up.’ I’ve heard expressed concerns from other neighbors as well. What can we do?

A. You can report your concerns to Child Protective Services. An investigation would ensue. If you are feeling reluctant to file a report, you are certainly free to make an anonymous report and the results will be the same.

Q. What is the reason, Kia, that so many people are refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks in view of the apparent reality of the Covid virus we are experiencing?

A. There are varying reasons; and many people are reluctant for personal reasons that may or may not be related to their pass experiences. In view of your expressed concern, I suggest you take what you consider the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and pray that others will do the same.

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