The Power of “Positude”

My favorite fall treat is pumpkin donut holes, I also love pumpkin cheesecake.

Come to think of it I really like just about any pumpkin based food or treat.

Fall, also known as Autumn, has graced us with her presence. Covid 19 is still with us, but the charms of Autumn seem to have lessened Covid’s sting.

Positude has taught me so many life lessons. Everyone has “tudes” good, bad, or indifferent. My favorite “tude” is a Can-do tude. The opposite is the No-way tude.

People with Can-do tudes see problems as speed bumps on the road of life. The problem may slow us down a little, but it won’t stop us from reaching our destination.

People with No-way tudes see problems as insurmountable, end of story, it was okay while it lasted, I’m done.

I invite you to take a walk on the Positude side of life. I must warn you that it’s not dull or boring. You might find yourself saying and doing things you only dreamed of!

Be well my beloved friends.

Always Agape,


Sylvia PittmanElder Sylvia Pittman holds a B.M. Degree (education) from Northern Michigan University: A M.M. Degree (performance) from the University of Michigan. Sylvia has over 18 years experience teaching private voice, public schools and directing choirs. She performs vocal styles from jazz to opera, works as a vocal coach for recording artists and is greatly sought as a studio musician. Sylvia is Music Director at Asbury Church, Davison Road, Flint.

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