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by | Jun 1, 2022 | June 2022, Positive Messages

Q. I am exhausted trying to help my son who is clearly addicted to drugs and unwilling to seek help. It has become an overbearing burden on me both emotionally and financially. What more can I do to help him to stay out of jail, but, most of all, to save his life? 

A. Unfortunately, it is impossible to help someone if they either do not see the need for help, or simply refuse to accept the help. Your strongest weapon is prayer. Continue to pray for God to heal, strengthen, and deliver him; and to strengthen you to accept the things you cannot change; to change the things you can, and give you the wisdom to know the difference. You would also be of help to your son if you refuse to enable him by saying ‘No,’ even when saying it is difficult for you. Continue to encourage your son to seek help regardless of his refusal to do so.

Q. I’m approaching my eightieth birthday and finding that I’m not willing to change my way of indulging in more youthful activities. I’m finding myself sometimes being the only one in my age group in the gym, on the walking course, bike paths, and other activities that I still enjoy. What can I do to feel more comfortable when I feel so alone and isolated?

A. The best thing you can do is thank God for blessing you with good health and a sound mind. Your circumstance is indeed a blessing, and not a curse. God is blessing you beyond measure; be thankful and rejoice in His Goodness. I assure you that you are admired by any and everyone who has the mind of Christ. REJOICE AND BE GLAD!!!!

Q. What can I do to help my girlfriend who refuses to let go of a very toxic relationship? Her boyfriend is on drugs, does not work, and is clearly the source of her constant sadness. She continues to hope that he will change, but after far too many years there is no sign that he will or is even willing.

A. You are limited as to what you can do for your friend due to her apparent lack of awareness and self -esteem. I suggest you encourage her to seek counseling for what is clearly co-dependency. Let her know that you love her unconditionally and would like to see her become more aware of the negative effects of continuing in what is clearly a self-destructive relationship. Refer her to a counselor and offer to transport her if needed.

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