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by | Jul 1, 2022 | July 2022, Positive Messages

Q: Kia, why is that so many people hate other people, and find it so hard just to treat everyone like they would like to be treated. I am so upset with all the hatred we’re seeing in our young people today. What can we, as individuals, do to make a difference?

A: I suggest you read what God says about love and peace in Colossians 3:12-17. Then declare that whatever you do in word or deed; let it be pleasing in His sight. Know that hatred is taught behavior and it pleases the devil when we hate one another. I further suggest that you pray and ask God to enter the hearts and minds of people who hate and help them to recognize the self-destruction that it brings them. Ask God to reveal to them the power and wonders of love and help them love rather than hate. God hears and answers our prayers, so continue to pray for Love, Peace, and Kindness, among all people; and thank God in advance for the blessing. Know that your prayers will be answered in God’s perfect way and timing. God Bless You.

Q: My parents are getting a divorce. It hurts to see them not able to get along, and I don’t know what I can do to make a difference. How can I let them know how much it hurts me, and what can I do to change their minds?

A: Unfortunately, you do not possess the power to decide the outcome of your parents’ decision to get a divorce. However, that does not prevent or prohibit you from expressing your feeling to both of them. Whether your thoughts and feelings will make a difference in their decision is uncertain; but whatever the outcome, you must know that their love for you remains the same. It is not necessary for you to take sides or favor one parent over the other. They will continue to be your parents whether they are separated, or together. You need only continue to love and respect them both.

Q: What can I do to help one of my classmates who is being bullied by two other girls in our class. They are constantly doing things to make her cry or feel bad. She is afraid to report them to the teacher because they threaten to beat her up if she does. It’s obvious that she hasn’t even told her parents because I’m sure they would, most likely, take steps to stop the bullying. Would I be overstepping my bounds to report it to the principal?

A: You would certainly not be overstepping your bounds and the report would be the right thing to do. Know that your reporting would be anonymous, and with positive consequences and results. Know also that your reporting of such behavior may very well make a positive difference in the attitudes and behaviors of the bullies.

Q. I have finally admitted that I am alcoholic. How can I get help without letting everybody know my business?

A: Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, everybody who knows you already know your business. What is important, and very good, is that you have taken the very first step toward changing your life for the better. Alcoholism is a disease that can only be successfully treated if the person does three things: Recognize it, Admit it, and Accept it. You have obviously taken the first two steps. Acceptance comes when you are honest and seek the help you need to abstain from drinking. You can be sure that you will be admired rather that condemned by those who know and care about you. I suggest you seek treatment… NOW… TODAY!

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