End of Summer Get-Together in King Peace Garden

King Avenue PLUS hosted a multi-faceted event on a beautiful Saturday in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Garden.

This day recognized those whose energy and support have made the transformation of abandoned lots possible. (56 thank you certificates to individuals, organizations, funders, and volunteer groups and individuals!)

The Peace Garden was developed by residents of the area, agreement by the Genesee County Land Bank for this use of lots owned by them, and many groups and volunteers over the last 4 years.

Their gifts run the gamut from use of the land, to development of perennial gardens, to planting trees, to pulling weeds, and funding the purchase of plants!

Vacant and overgrown lots have become a peaceful open gathering space with 4 perennial gardens and a  mound that salutes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s  initials now “define” a busy Flint street.

Perhaps more important, King Avenue PLUS members had listened as neighbors spoke of “so many” candidates and “I’ve never heard of most of them” and chose to offer this comfortable space for conversations as neighbors prepared for this fall’s election. King Avenue PLUS  invited the broader community to meet and talk with candidates informally, and discover other community opportunities.

Mott Community College’s Learning Lab came to Genesee Street and brought ideas and opportunities for the future…. and  Yevette’s Gourmet Tacos were both a gift and a great reason for future visits to her food truck.

King Avenue PLUS thanks many and invites all of the community to spend time in this peaceful place at W. McClellan and Martin Luther King.

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