November 2022 Training & Development Opportunities

Captivating Marketing Videos Using Your Phone
November 8 | Noon – 1 p.m. (lunch provided)

In April 2020, Tom Hanks did a monologue for Saturday Night Live that was filmed on an iPhone. The minute that monologue hit the airwaves, everything changed. To quote Marshall McLuhan, if “the medium is the message,” the message was clear — consumers now see no difference between a TV camera and the camera in their pocket. In this session, Eric Hultgren from MLive Media reveals how TikTok now commands more attention than Facebook and Instagram combined, and how you reach your customer has changed forever. He will give actionable tips to create captivating video with your phone that are both repeatable and scalable at a speed your customer has come to expect.

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Visioning for Success
November 15

The modern workplace is ever-changing, filled with challenges as well as exciting opportunities. As leaders, it’s our job to create a unified vision that rallies our teams and provides them with a roadmap to overcome those challenges and optimize new opportunities. This workshop will discuss the components of vision-driven planning and setting your team up for success heading into the new year.

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