Deputy Fire Chief Carrie Edwards-Clemons Retires from Flint Fire Department

Deputy Fire Chief Carrie Edwards-Clemons recently announced her retirement from the Flint Fire Department via a Facebook post.

Carrie graduated from the Fire Academy in 1999 and has dutifully served and has risen through the ranks  to the 2nd highest rank in the department with honor for the past 23 years.

She is also the recently re-elected President of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters. A position that she will retain.

Here is a statement by Deputy Chief Edwards-Clemons regarding her retirement:

“Hiring into the fire department in 1999, the plan has always been to complete 23 years of service as required and then retire once the age requirement of 55 was met. Congratulations to me! I finally reached both. I can truly say that ‘I did it my way!'”

This has been an AMAZING journey! I absolutely love and appreciate the community and the department for the support and love shown to me during my entire career.

Yes, there is a great opportunity ahead for me and this would not have been possible without the Flint Fire Department and the residents of the city.

“All that I am… I owe! I live eternally in the red!” – Carrie Edwards-Clemons

On a more personal note… I have the greatest love and respect for Carrie. She has always made herself available to the citizens of Flint in whatever capacity was asked.

I, on behalf of Flint Neighborhoods United, wish nothing but success in Carrie’s future endeavors.  I know she is not finished with her life’s work. It remains a work in progress.

She is, and I know will remain, a great friend and supporter of Flint Neighborhoods United and I hope she can find the time to visit us once in a while wherever she lands.

Good Luck. Godspeed, and thank you for your dedication and years of service to your community of Flint!

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