Good Neighbors: How to Help Out in Your Local Community

Whether you were born in Flint or you’ve traveled in from out of town, engaging with your local community is an important part of being an American.

When you want to get involved, there are plenty of things you can do to help out a neighbor in need – starting with these tips from Flint Neighborhoods United.


One of the best ways to get to know people in your area and make a profound difference in your local community is by giving up some time to volunteer.

Good Neighbors: How to Help Out in Your Local Community

Homeless shelters often need extra hands. The Right to Shower notes that you can help out by preparing food or providing blankets and resources.

Good Neighbors: How to Help Out in Your Local Community

Puppy Leaks explains that animal shelters are always on the lookout for able-bodied individuals to help care for unwanted pets or other critters in need.

Good Neighbors: How to Help Out in Your Local Community

You can contribute to your local environment, working with local authorities to maintain and promote conservation. You can start with Adopt a Park to clean up and beautify the park in your neighborhood.


If you don’t want to join existing organizations, you could consider putting together a collaboration of your own.

If there’s a cause or charity that you think needs the support, try hosting fundraising events and inviting locals to take part.

Organizing a flea market could help others in need to earn some extra cash.

Alternatively, you could try founding a nonprofit of your own. You can suit your nonprofit needs when you set up your own LLC in Michigan, ( for which you can enlist the help of a formation service to check off all the boxes.

Social Care

Sometimes, the best support you can provide is by being present and connecting with those in need.

  • If you’re located near nursing homes you could take the time out of your week to be a companion to senior citizens.
  • There are many helplines dealing with suicide prevention, alcoholism, or general loneliness that require able-bodied individuals to chip in and lend their voice.
  • If you do nothing else remember to check in with your neighbors on occasion and do your part to make the community a warm, welcoming place.

Our communities are built on the goodwill and kindness of others. So if you want to help improve yours, the first thing you have to do is step up and get involved. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make!

Flint Neighborhoods United is a coalition of block clubs, neighborhood associations and crime watch captains and presidents (or their designated representative) who come together on the first Saturday of each month to share information and leverage their resources to create positive change in the Greater Flint community. If you have any questions, let us know!

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