Flint Streets Snow Removal Priorities

Late last month much of Michigan experienced what weather forecasters like to call a “snow event.”

Some might call it a snowstorm but, whatever you wish to call it, schools and businesses were closed, schedules were upset, and travel by vehicle on snow covered streets and roads was dicey, at best, and downright dangerous, at worst.

You’d think that since most of us have lived through weather like this and worse during the course of our lives we’d be used to this sort of inconvenience. We DO live in Michigan, after all!

It is in times like these that patience actually IS a virtue. It might be also advisable to remind Flint residents at this time what priority of salting and plowing of city streets during and after such events is followed.

Major routes are the first priority, followed secondly by dangerous hills, curves, and intersections, schools and hospitals. The third priority is major roadways and the fourth is local roads. Neighborhood streets and roads are cleared after priority roads are passable. You are reminded that, in the event of a heavy snowfall that first priority routes may be addressed more than once and that salting and plowing other areas may be delayed, perhaps for hours or days.

“City crews work diligently to ensure that the main arteries of our city are flowing,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “I want to thank our Department of Public Works and Street Maintenance team for their hard work, salting and plowing over 500 miles of roads inside the city of Flint.”

In the event of heavier snowfalls, the City of Flint asks residents to refrain from parking on public streets in order not to obstruct snow and ice removal.

Residents can learn more about the City of Flint’s snow and ice removal operations by viewing the 2023 Snow and Ice Control Plan on the City of Flint’s website: https://www.cityofflint.com/street-maintenance/

So, be patient. If you must go out, bear in mind that it may take a little longer to get to your destination. Be aware of conditions and beware of other drivers who may not be as “well-trained” and kind as you.

If you encounter a salt truck or plow, please give them a wide berth so they are unobstructed in their task.

Relax. Even a rodent knows that Spring is coming.

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