Council Corner with Dr. Ladel Lewis, Councilwoman, 2nd Ward

Summer is approaching! So much to do, and so much to report to the residents of Flint this month. This month (May) was designated as “Love Your City” month. Whether it’s picking up a few extra pieces of litter, planting flowers, attending a community meeting, planning a community event, or something as simple as meeting a new neighbor, this is the month to show your neighborhood pride. Whatever you do, do it with the motivation to move Flint forward. That’s when transformation begins. Look at how Council is helping to move our beloved city forward.

It’s official! The review of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) applications is underway with the community-based selection committee currently reviewing eighteen of the 222 non-profit applications that were submitted to service the residents. Currently, the 12-member body is concentrating in the areas of Home Improvement/Home repair and Homeowner Education. We are looking forward to completing this process and introducing the official process for Flint residents to apply. However, it must be noted that the Department of Treasury requires that residents live in the residence for at least a year, meet the low to moderate ARPA income guidelines and be current on all property taxes and water fees (or involved in a payment plan).

On May 22, Council members welcomed the Mayoral appointments of Emily Doerr (Planning & Development Department), Attorney Trachelle Young (Ethics & Accountability Board), Leon El-Alamin (Flint Housing Commission) and Roger Jones (Hurley Hospital Board of Directors.) If you would like to serve on a local board or commission, please reach out to your respective Councilperson.

According to resolution 230154, the Council changed the name of the Flint Public Library to the Gloria Coles Flint Public Library. Library Board President Reta Stanley and outgoing Executive Director Kay Schwartz worked hard to make this dream a reality. The community is invited to the renaming ceremony on June 3 at 2pm on the library’s campus.

Councilperson Eva Worthing has joined Councilperson Ladel Lewis to form the “Fair Chance Housing Ad-Hoc Committee.” Although this resolution was sent back to the Government Operations Committee, this team will lead the charge in securing fair and adequate housing for our justice impacted population. With housing insecurity being a hurdle for many, resolution number 230137 is requiring the city to do all things necessary to make it happen.

Lastly, keeping our city litter free is everyone’s priority. Help out by doing your part. Please contact Heather Griffin at if you have any questions concerning your waste management services.

Council meetings will be held in the County Commissioner Chambers in the Genesee County Building until further notice. Please contact the City Council Secretary at (810) 766-7418 for more information.

Yours In Service,
Councilperson Ladel Lewis

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