Council Corner With Dr. Ladel Lewis, Councilwoman, 2nd Ward

Happy July!

This is our nation’s independence month. A time when the Thirteen Colonies claimed their independence from Great Britain and laid the foundation for the United States of America.

We honor those that selflessly gave their life in exchange for our freedom. Salute!

Farewell, Councilmember Herkenroder! As many may have heard, we are saddened about the resignation of Council President Allie Herkenroder. Although we hate to see her vacate her 7th Ward seat, we wish her nothing but the best as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.

Please reach out to the City Clerk Davina Donahue at (810) 766-7414 or if you are a registered voter of the 7th Ward interested in being a public servant. Applications will be available July 3rd- July 17th until 5:00pm.

The Council passed quite a few pertinent resolutions before we went on a brief two-week hiatus to regroup and refresh (see resolution 230180).

First, the passing of resolution 230167 approved the operating budget of our city. Without this, the City Administration would not be able to provide essential municipal services.

Resolution 230172 provides much needed uniforms for our fire fighters and 230171 allows them to provide smoke detectors to at-need residential homes they encounter in the field.

Much needed dollars were allocated to the Flint Police Department PAL Program (230181). If you would like to learn more about their program offerings, please reach out to Officer Spann at or (810) 237-6800.

Lastly, a sincere congratulations to Leon El-Alamin for his appointment to the Flint Housing Commission Board of Directors and to Gwen Huddleston for her appointment to the Hurley Board of Hospital Managers.

Yours In Service,
Councilperson Ladel Lewis

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