Second Language Class Offerings Open Doors to Global Communication

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of learning a second language cannot be overstated. Through working at the Latinx center, you automatically become a part of the latinx community in Flint. Additionally, we understand that we play a role as global citizens. In concordance with that fact, we recognize the value of multilingualism in fostering global communication and understanding. For that reason, we offer seasonal second language classes, 4 times throughout the year, to the community. These courses are equipping students with the skills to navigate cultural barriers and engage with an ever-expanding global community. Currently, we are finishing up our Spring Bimester courses (6 weeks). This session proved to foster growth in many ways. We have had the opportunity to have multiple TESOL trained professionals and they have remarked having had a great experience teaching. This speaks to not only the practice of teaching, but the beauty of agency as a result of expanding their global network throughout the community.

We had the opportunity to interview some of the teachers who taught and facilitated the second language classes this season. Please read and enjoy the testimonials of the outstanding professionals.

“Being the Spanish teacher for beginner and intermediate second language classes during this period has been very gratifying. The ability to meet the students and help them in the learning process of the Spanish language. Working from the perspective of writing, grammar, speech and managing basic to the  most complex conversations. It has been a pleasant process seeing the growth of all the students, their management and practice in different situations. I am grateful to Latinx Technology and Community Center for this program that helps the community to dismantle the barriers that divide us through language. I urge everyone to get involved in the program and take advantage of these benefits. It has been a pleasure, see you soon.” – SSL Teacher Devianise A. Padilla Borgos

“Hello. My name is Alexiss and I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at the Latinx Tech and Community Center. Before obtaining my position here at the center, I had never visited before. I am so glad to have encountered such an outstanding establishment that provides great support to the Flint area. My time working here has been an all-around positive experience. I have greatly enjoyed teaching as my English students learn, grow, and master concepts that originally challenge them. I feel a great sense of pride being able to be a part of my student’s journey through learning. Not only do I enjoy seeing my students succeed, I feel that I have also grown in this position as well. Due to my time spent in the classroom as an instructor, I have further developed in all aspects of leadership.

In addition to all of this, It has warmed my heart to see the sense of community that the Latinx Center provides to this area. Not only have I witnessed the center put on many free and exciting events for this community; but everyday that I am there to teach a class, I watch as many people are welcomed through the front doors in need of help in some form or another. Each and every time, these folks are greeted with someone who wants to help. It is a joy to see and experience. I am so grateful for my time spent here at the Latinx Center.” – ESL Teacher Alexiss Woodard

As a result, we derive that second language classes encourage inclusivity and appreciation for diversity within the local community. By breaking down language barriers, students are empowered to engage with individuals from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and understanding that transcends cultural divides.

Second Language Class Offerings Open Doors to Global Communication

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