BIPOC Month Recognizes with Mental Health Program

In celebration of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Month, mental health programs in the area collaborated to host a special evening in late July.

Black Night, Brown Hope was a one-night event held at The New McCree Theatre on July 21.

Along with Black, Indigenous and People of Color Mental Health Month, Black Night, Brown Hope was designed to bring awareness to the unique struggles underrepresented groups face regarding mental illness in the United States.

“Every single one of us should be taking care of our mental health,” Kristin Stevenson, Flint ReCAST project manager, said in a press release from Greater Flint Health Coalition. “This month, we get to focus on the mental health of a community that has been historically overlooked. This event is a moment for BIPOC people, especially, to prioritize their own wellness in an entertaining and thoughtful environment.”

BIPOC Month Recognizes with Mental Health ProgramHip-hop and spoken word artist Mama Sol opened the evening with a unique storytelling experience. In addition to her work as an artist, Mama Sol is also a transition trainer, humanitarian, two-time breast cancer survivor, publisher, and single parent.

The evening concluded with a question-and-answer session featuring mental health professionals from Flint. They, each in turn, offered their expertise in a story-telling format that made their perspectives far more personal.

“Whether you’re a health professional or a concerned community member, we hope this event will empower you and equip you not only to share your story but listen and heal from the stories of others overcoming mental health challenges,” Amarachi Wachuku, Flint and Genesee REACH project coordinator, said in the press release. “This evening of compassionate storytelling will hopefully bring forth lasting healing and transformation within the BIPOC community.

Flint and Genesee REACH and Flint ReCAST organized the event.

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