Council Corner With Dr. Ladel Lewis

Rules are paramount for every organization. Whether we are referring to faith based organizations or political bodies, without them we will have utter chaos.

The Flint City Council has rules that we must abide by in order to function efficiently and effectively. Many are unclear of the rules that govern the Council. However, this article should bring clarity to one of the most important council rules that all residents and friends should familiarize themselves with:


“Any person that persists in disrupting this meeting will be in violation of Flint City Code Section 31-12, Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Battery, and Disorderly Persons, and will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor. Any person who prevents the peaceful and orderly conduct of any meeting will be given one warning. If they persist in disrupting the meeting, that individual will be subject to arrest. Violators shall be removed from meetings.”

That definition is straightforward and includes both councilmembers and audience members alike. If an attendee is demonstrating “out of order” behavior such as yelling out without having the floor, being disrespectful towards council colleagues/fellow audience members (e.g. calling names or threatening violence) or consistently abusing privileged motions to obtain the floor (e.g. utilizing improper points of order or requests for information) you will receive a warning. If this behavior persists then the perpetrator shall be removed from this meeting. It’s that simple.

The Flint City Council is your elected body that answers directly to their constituents. If you have a question, suggestion or concern that you would like to raise with your respective councilperson please reach out to them at:

1st Ward City Council
Eric Mays
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext 3160
Cell: 810-922-4860

2nd Ward City Council
Ladel Lewis
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext. 3162

3rd Ward City Council
Quincy Murphy
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext. 3161

4th Ward City Council
Judy Priestley
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext. 3164

5th Ward City Council
Jerri Winfrey-Carter
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext.3167
Cell: 810-397-3621

6th Ward City Council
Tonya Burns
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext.3165

7th Ward City Council
Candice Mushatt
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext.3163

8th Ward City Council
Dennis Pfeiffer

9th Ward City Council
Eva Worthing
Office: 810-766-7418, Ext.3158
Cell: 810-210-8347

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