Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe

Living in a safe and secure environment is essential for feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home. Whether you live in a large urban center or a small suburban area, it’s important to take action to protect your neighborhood from crime and safety hazards. Below, Flint Neighborhoods United shares some tips on how you can help keep your community safe.

Join or start a neighborhood watch 

One of the best ways to ensure that your neighborhood is secure is to get involved with a local neighborhood watch program. These programs are created by local law enforcement and community members who share responsibility for keeping an eye out for criminal activity, reporting any suspicious behavior, and looking out for each other’s well-being. Joining an existing program is an easy way to get started, but if there isn’t one in your area, consider starting one.

Report suspicious activity to police

Though it may be uncomfortable at times, reporting any suspicious behavior or activity should be done without hesitation. Some common signs of suspicious activity include attempts at break-ins, strangers lurking around homes or lots, and unfamiliar vehicles cruising through the street. Whenever possible, provide detailed information such as time of day, vehicle, and descriptions of individuals involved in the activity to the authorities. You’re not being a “snitch.” You are protecting you and your neighbors.

Park cars in well-lit areas

This can be a problem if you have no usable garage. Cars left parked on the street overnight can become targets for burglars. It’s much harder for them to break into cars parked under bright lights or near busy streets during operating hours. Remember, there’s a reason burglars prefer to work at night. Be sure that all car doors are locked when parked, even if there are no valuables inside.

Walk in groups at night

When walking outdoors at night, always bring along friends or family members for extra protection against potential assailants. If possible, avoid walking through secluded areas where attackers might hide out, and try to stay on busy streets with plenty of people (or surveillance cameras) watching over you at all times! Doing so increases visibility which can help deter any would-be criminals from targeting you in the first place.

Trim plants and foliage

It’s hard enough keeping up with regular maintenance like mowing grass and tending gardens. However, trimming any plants near windows and doors goes beyond being aesthetically pleasing. It also prevents criminals from using foliage as hiding spots while trying to gain access to homes unnoticed. Prune shrubs properly so that no part of them touches windowsills or door frames. By doing this, you reduce chances of anyone sneaking through unnoticed into your property undetected.  Privacy is one thing. Safety requires vigilance from all of us!

Keep doors and windows locked 

No matter how safe you feel in your home or how well-lit nearby streets may be, always make sure that all doors and windows are firmly locked before leaving the house or going to bed every night. This step may seem basic, but it plays a crucial role in preventing break-ins due to simple negligence. Also remember that crooks like an easy target. Don’t make it easier by leaving things unlocked.

Build cordial relationships with neighbors

Having good relationships with neighbors doesn’t just make living more enjoyable, but also makes neighborhoods safer overall. Get to know those who live close by whether simply saying hello when passing each other on sidewalks outdoors or having conversations over fences during backyard BBQ parties. Build positive relationships so that everyone feels comfortable not only talking among themselves but also coming together against any intruder who threatens their collective peace and prosperity.

There are many steps individuals can take toward making their neighborhoods safer places. From joining (or starting!) a neighborhood watch to contact your homeowners association about security issues, these tips offer easy yet effective solutions which will undoubtedly enhance safety while allowing communities to come together closer than ever before.

Flint Neighborhoods United is here to ensure the health and safety of our communities. We’re all in this together! Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions that are to the benefit of all! We meet each 1st Saturday of the month in the Flint Central Rooms on the 2nd floor of the Gloria Coles Flint Public Library. 9:30-11:30am.

All are welcome to attend.

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